a charity project supported

by HangOn AB


Hang On Hangers was established in 2010 by Annika Jonasson and currently employs about 20 women in Klong Toey-slums of Bangkok, Thailand.
Many of these women have no other way to support themselves and the purpose is to give them and other people with special needs the opportunity to work in a safe environment.


Some time ago when we did a search on hanging to see if someone was using our name or trade mark we found
Hang on Hangers. In May when Andreas was on a business trip to Thailand he arranged a meeting with
Annika, the founder of Hang on Hangers in Bangkok. Annika told a truly wonderful story how she decided to cover a
steel hanger with fabric and found out this may be a product with possibilities to be sold mostly in Sweden, but also
to other countries.The revenue that this charity project creates gives today is a meaningful job to around 20 women
in the Kloy Toey slum in Bangkok. Many of these women don´t have any opportunity to earn money and  the purpose
with the charity project is to give them and people with special needs a possibility to work in a safe environment.

Back home again Andreas presented the project for the family Törefors who immediately became interested of this
charity project. HangOn decided to ask Annika to create a HangOn hanger in our green colour.



In September HangOn had a International Sales Conference in Hillerstorp with 65 people from 25 countries. By this time
we took the possibility to show this charity project for the delegates and all participants received a set of the HangOn hanger.
They were also informed about the possibilities to order these hangers as a giveaway to their customers. Their response 
created a new order to Annika for new HangOn hangers.



Recently we also presented the Hang on Hangers for the staff at HangOn AB in Hillerstorp. We got an enormous response
from our staff when they got the opportunity to support Annikas charity project by buying hangers. This together with
mingle evening in Hillerstorp where our colleague Birgit Oxenlöv did a wonderful contribution to spread the
project to over 100 visitors.



We at HangOn also want to pay our respect to Stefan Axelsson at Axelent in Hillerstorp who was told about the
Hang on Hangers this summer and totally unselfish said ”we should also support Annika and her charity project”.
This was the start of an order with 200 set of hangers in the colour of Axelent.

Together with collegues, business partners, friends and relatives we have managed to spread Hang on Hangers to
many who didn´t know about Annikas charity project for women and children in the slum of Bangkok. Overall it´s
now over 600 set of hangers distributed via HangOn. Think of what a name and a meeting can achieve. 

We was in contact with Annika and gave her an update of the these actions and here is her response:
“I get so emotional when I read about how much you do to spread the hangers. It´s som valuable for us to have
ambassadors like you who help us to spread the hangers”.
Further on, we also recevied a photo, with the following info from Annika:
"Recently, we have decided that we are going to help a family of 3 persons, to rebuild its small sheds of approx 10m²...
...there will not be much bigger but it will have solid walls and ceilings."



Do you also want to support Hangon hangers? Please visit http://www.hangonhangers.net/ and read more about their project.
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