START  - MASKING FOR HOLES  - Washer pull plugs  

Prod. No. Qty per boxFitsA, mmB, mmD, mmH, mmColour
GBM 03x151000M3102,91520Pink
GBM 04x151000M4103,81520White
GBM 05x151000M5124,51520Green
GBM 06x15500M6145,51520Blue
GBM 08x15500M8167,41520Yellow
GBM 10x15250M10189,21523Brown
GBM 12x15250M1220111524Red
GBM 14x15100M142212,81524Blue
GBM 16x15100M162414,91524Green
GBM 18x2050M182616,32029Red
GBM 20x2050M202818,42029Black

» Mask hole and surface around hole
» Add the washer on back side to mask surface on side of hole
» Washers have two different diameters
» Grip for easy handling

Prod No.Qty per boxFitsK, mmL, mmM, mmT, mmColour
GBMB 03x31000M3105,52,63,4Pink
GBMB 04x31000M41073,43,4White
GBMB 05x41000M51284,14,5Green
GBMB 06x41000M6141054,6Blue
GBMB 08x51000M816136,75,7Yellow
GBMB 10x51000M1018168,25,8Brown
GBMB 12x5500M122018105,8Red
GBMB 14x6500M14222011,66,8Blue
GBMB 16x6500M16242213,76,8Green
GBMB 18x6250M18262415,16,9Red
GBMB 20x6250M20282617,26,9Black

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