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Customer voices

“HangOn’s solutions save ABB time and money”

Polyester tape masking could be an option, but considering material and labour it is an expensive choice. Instead of previous options, HangOn’s solution was chosen, and it solved everything thanks to customized products for masking and hanging on powder coating line with high efficiency.

“We need smart solutions to obtain the best possible quality. HangOn has the right – and fast – answers”

It’s a real partnership. Solutions are simple, clever and at very low cost considering the advantages. Our productivity has increased. Short delivery times also allow us to deliver faster.

“Our collaboration with hangon creates great results”

Our collaboration is non-stop. Every time we need new simple and fast solutions, we get in touch with HangOn. Taking costs and quality into account, they are our best option. Thanks to continuous support HangOn really helps us, developing new customized masking and hanging products in order to achieve final customer satisfaction.

“With HangOn production is smarter and more efficient”

Together with HangOn, Plastal has been able to develop smart and efficient solutions that have improved the overall manufacturing process.

”When it comes to automated hanging - HangOn is the best partner”

Bruynzeel develops storage solutions for offices, archives and repositories at government institutions, libraries, museums, universities, financial organisations and healthcare organisations. We provide flexible and space saving solutions with great success. And when it comes to hanging, we prefer HangOn. Theo Rutten, product engineering and technical support at Bruynzeel, The Netherlands


Customized solutions from HangOn allowed Lindab to automate most of its coating process and increase hanging density by eight. Pål Abrahamsson, Technical Manager at Lindab, Sweden