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HangOn Green Effect

Learn how to lower energy and reduce costs

Increase your profit

Save energy to make the coating industry greener

Join us for a greener coating industry

Did you know that the major part of the energy usage in your coating line is constant regardless of the amount of goods painted?

The effect of filling the line therefore has an enormous hidden potential to reduce energy consumption and increase your profit– a double effect we call the HangOn Green Effect.

This is just the beginning. We want you to join the movement for a greener future.

Calculate your HangOn Green Effect

The HangOn Coating Cost Calculation tool enables you to calculate the energy consumption and the full coating cost in a coating plant. The tool comes with a set of standard cases as well as customer cases from which you can learn and get inspiration. All cost parameters are based on real cost but you will also be able to adapt the calculation to your own coating line.

The HangOn Coating Cost Calculation tool makes it possible:

  •  To simulate different production set-ups
  •  To calculate energy consumption per painted detail
  • To calculate the total savings in your coating plant
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Green Effect

Report 2022

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Calculate your Green Effect

In this webinar we share the key findings from The Hangon Green Effect Report. Gain important insights about energy consumption and sustainability in the coating industry - and learn how to save energy and increase your profits. 

Energy consumption in a coating line explained

With surface treatment expert Anders Jansson, Meyer & Hjort AB

Curing oven

Drying oven

Cooling zones



Powder application
Did you know that you can also auto translate the videos into your language?

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