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Why work harder?


Let us introduce GAQ

GA masking done Quicker

The secret, is ribs. They reduce friction and let trapped air ventilate, which makes them easier and faster to both mount and dismount. Twice as fast, actually

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How much can you get done in 30 seconds?

CASE: Job coater saves 11 hours a week

One of our clients work as a job coater in the automotive industry. The detail in the picture comes from a truck, and our client coats 2000 of them a week. Masking and demasking all the bolts before coating is a job that used to take them 22 hours. Switching from GA to GAQ resulted in the same job only taking 11 hours, saving almost a day and a half.
2000 details = 8000 bolts
GAQ saves you 5 sec per bolt
= 11 hours saved per week

Whether you choose to do something else entirely with the time you save is completely up to you. All we know is that a small change really can make a big difference – and we’d like to prove it to you.

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